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St Joe’s gearing up for COVID surge

St Joe’s gearing up for COVID surge

St. Joe’s is continuing to plan and adjust its bed capacity, operations and services as it works ro meet government requirements to be prepared to have 15 per cent bed capacity available for COVID positive patients within 48 hours, should there be a strong surge in cases.

This week, St Joe’s:

•             Converted the main campus to take both patients with high probability of being COVID positive and COVID positive patients

•             Expanded ICU capacity

•             Transferred another 30 patients to the Satellite Health Facility in Effort Square

Additionally, the Hospital is evaluating the need to ramp down regular services to ensure it can meet the increasing needs for COVID care. St Joe’s will be adjusting the operating schedule as needed, and ensuring we have the right staffing available for ICU patients and COVID-positive patients.

With the quickly changing external situation of increasing positive patients in the community, as well as outbreaks in congregate settings, St. Joe’s is in a continual process of monitoring and adjusting to fit the situation.

Yesterday, the Ontario Hospital Association called on the Ontario government to implement and enforce a 4-week lockdown in areas with an infection rate of 40/100,000 or higher to protect the health and safety of communities and ensure that hospitals do not face a devastating surge in COVID-19 patients in January. This includes the Hamilton area. St Joe’s president Melissa Farrell was a signatory to that message. Additionally, regional hospital presidents and CEOs endorsed government taking every possible policy measure to avoid a crisis, to assure safe access to care for patients and to protect staff and physicians working in hospital and community care settings

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