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HHS will take over operation of Grace Villa

HHS will take over operation of Grace Villa

The Ministry of Long-Term Care has approved a new Voluntary Management Contract which allows Hamilton Health Sciences to provide enhanced support to Grace Villa Nursing Home, in Hamilton. Grace Villa currently has 177 people testing positive– 118 residents and 59 staff.

The Voluntary Management Contract will be in effect for 90 days. If necessary, these arrangements can be extended.

To date, the Ministry of Long-Term Care has now issued seven Mandatory Management Orders and approved 18 Voluntary Management Contracts between Ontario hospitals and long-term care homes.

This arrangement will help to address the current spread of COVID-19 in the home, help stabilize the situation and return the home to normal operations.

Said Sharon Pierson, EVP, Clinical Operations, and Chief Operating Officer, Hamilton Health Sciences, “COVID-19 has had challenging and difficult impacts for patients and health-care providers, particularly for those working and living in long-term care. Our partners across the sector, including the team at Grace Villa, have been working very hard to limit the spread and keep their residents safe. This agreement allows us to expand our role at Grace Villa and build up the capacity needed to manage and stabilize the situation.  We’re grateful for our staff and physicians who continue to answer the call to serve the most vulnerable in our community, both inside and outside of our hospital walls.”

The move was welcomed by Mary Rathby CEO, APANS Health Services, Operator of Grace Villa Long-Term Care home. “Our focus remains on keeping our residents and staff safe. Our team has done great work to achieve this goal and we appreciate all of their efforts. We’re thankful to the staff and physicians from Hamilton Health Sciences who have been working alongside our team over the past few weeks. We look forward to working together with HHS over the coming months to control this outbreak and return the home to normal operations, for our residents and their families, and our staff.”

Management contracts are one example of the measures Ontario has utilized on behalf of long-term care residents and staff. Ongoing measures include emergency funding, regulatory flexibility, staffing support, expanded testing, along with direction and guidance on outbreak management, and infection prevention and control.

The Ministry of Long-Term Care will continue to make decisions based on case-by-case assessments, and in partnership with the local hospitals, as to which long-term care homes may require additional interim hospital support.

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  • our Health Sciences have some of the worst infection control stats in the Country. While I am “all in” for anything that will help this situation, it is a challenge to imagine an Institution that can not get it’s own house in order providing “expertise” to a home in dire need.
    I roll by Grace Villa everyday on the bus. It is a compelling to think of those who will end their time here under such conditions.

  • First off would not the onus fall on the shoulders of so called CEO, Ms Rathby? Of course, this person gets no punishment at all for a failed system within her jurisdiction of care.

    Secondly, the entire LTC system which starts at the corridors of power have failed, too many who earn a good living have changed nothing since the first wave of COVID.

    Thirdly, we have to look at our local public health system who have failed thru the years to ensure proper OH&S for those seniors.

    Greed, runs the world. We are led by sociopaths, they have no conscience.

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