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It Happens more than five times a day in Halton: Halton Police rescue woman and kids from domestic violence


It Happens more than five times a day in Halton: Halton Police rescue woman and kids from domestic violence

The Halton Regional Police Service (HRPS) recently received a call from a staff member at Halton Women’s Place. A woman had called the Halton Women’s Place 24/7 crisis, information and support line in distress and shared that she did not feel safe at home. Abruptly, the call was ended by the female.

Concerned for her immediate safety, Halton Women’s Place contacted the HRPS.

As a result of the call from Halton Women’ Place, officers were immediately dispatched and found the victim near her residence.

Officers learned that earlier that day, a man had assaulted the female following a verbal altercation. The male had pushed her to the floor, where he continued to assault her. The female managed  to leave the residence, with her children, soon after the assault.

The female provided officers with information about multiple verbal altercations and assaults that spanned a number of months, one of which resulted in a hospital visit.

Officers went back to the house and arrested a man who was taken to the Central Lock Up. At that point Halton Regional Police Service Intimate Partner Violence Unit took carriage of the investigation. The accused was charged with Assault, Assault Causing Bodily Harm, and Assault with a Weapon.

Once the accused was behind bars, the victim was referred to the Halton Regional Police Service Intimate Partner Violence Victim Coordinator within our Victim Services Unit, who worked with the victim to establish measures to increase her safety through a safety plan.

The HRPS Victim Services Unit helps victims find appropriate support services in the community, assists with victim care, and, through the Victim Quick Response Program (VQRP), can provide immediate short-term financial support toward essential expenses for victims of violent crime. 

In a statement, Halton Police note, “This incident serves as an example of why we must look out for one another, especially if you suspect someone may not be safe at home. The call placed by a staff member at Halton Women’s Place played a crucial role in saving this victim from an increasingly violent environment.

Please know your call can help. This holiday season will look very different, leaving victims isolated inside their homes with their abusers. The HRPS is urging residents to remain vigilant in reporting suspected intimate partner violence. Together, we must show victims that they are not alone and that help is available. In November, our officers responded to 262 intimate partner violence calls and laid 186 related charges. That means that, on average, the HRPS responded more than 8 intimate partner violence calls per day. We also know that intimate partner violence often goes unreported to police.

The HRPS is urging victims or friends/family of victims to contact the Halton Regional Police Service, Halton Women’s Place or other community resources if intimate partner violence is happening.”

“Shelters across Halton are still open at this time and Halton Women’s Place continues to offer services. Shelters have taken precautions related to COVID-19 to ensure that no one is forced to choose between their safety and their health. Help is available. 

Every person has the right to feel safe in our community.

You are not alone. Victims of intimate partner violence or sexual assault and witnesses are encouraged to contact the Halton Regional Police Service. The following is a list of valuable support services and resources in Halton Region for victims of intimate partner violence and/or sexual violence:

Halton Regional Police Service Victim Services Unit 905-825-4777

Halton Women’s Place 905-878-8555 (north) or 905-332-7892 (24-hour crisis line)

Halton Children’s Aid Society 905-333-4441 or 1-866-607-5437

Nina’s Place Sexual Assault and Domestic Assault Care Centre 905-336-4116 or 905-681-4880

Sexual Assault and Violence Intervention Services (SAVIS) 905-875-1555 (24-hour crisis line)

Thrive Counselling 905-637-5256 or 905-845-3811

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