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An iconic Aldershot Tim’s has closed its doors permanently.


An iconic Aldershot Tim’s has closed its doors permanently.

The Tim Hortons location at the corner of Plains Road and Falcon closed for the last time on Sunday night, December 13th.

Aldershot Business Improvement Area (B.I.A.) Executive Director Judy Worsley described the store as “corporate” not a franchise. Inquiries to Tim Hortons head office have gone unanswered.

The future of the property is unclear. Aldershot City Councillor Kelvin Galbraith advised that he is unaware of any redevelopment proposals for the site. He speculated on the reasons for the closure.

“I would imagine that not having a drive thru at this location would add additional challenges during Covid19.”

The Aldershot store was one of the first created by Ron Joyce. It was his fifth store. He wrote about the 1967 opening in his book Always Fresh referring to the event as “pandemonium”.

“Our grand opening was held on a rainy, muddy day, but that didn’t deter the customers, who packed the store. Once again, Tim (Horton) had recruited his teammates to help kick things off. I recall walking around the muddy, unpaved parking lot giving away trays of hot donuts to the throng of people waiting to get autographs. The store is still at the same location today, and for a long time after it opened it was the most successful restaurant in the area, thriving even as several well-known American chains opened and closed very quickly”, he wrote.

Ron Joyce(l) and Tim Horton celebrating a store opening

Three other Tim Horton’s locations remain in Aldershot. near the corner of Plains and Waterdown Road and at two local gas stations, all of which have drive-thrus. In Hamilton the Tim Horton in the ToysRUs plaza across from Limeridge Mall closed during the pandemic. It too lacked a drive through, as did a Tim Horton on King and Gage which was closed to make way for the now-cancelled LRT.

Story and photos by Rick Craven

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