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Hamilton Health Sciences posts new visitor rules


Hamilton Health Sciences posts new visitor rules

In a release HHS says, “Although we are not going back to stopping all visits, we need to become stricter. Hamilton Health Sciences (HHS) recognizes that caregivers and support persons are essential, and will do our best to include caregivers and support persons throughout the pandemic period.”

The new rules include:

Do not visit at the same time as the other identified caregiver/support person so that there is only one visitor at the patient’s bedside at a time.

Keep your mask on at all times while in the hospital, even when in the patient’s room, and be sure to keep mouth and nose completely covered.

Go directly to the room of the patient you are visiting, and when you leave, head directly out of the building. Cafeterias and snack bars are not accessible to patients or essential caregivers.

Sanitize your hands when entering and exiting the patient’s room.

Maintain physical distancing of 6 feet apart (2 meters), where possible.

Do not eat or drink while in the patient’s room.

Any food brought in for the patient must be individually packaged and not shared. (Microwaves and fridges will not be accessible and leftovers must be taken with you when you leave.) For more information about the updated guidelines click here.

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  • a day late and a dollar short. The “new” rules include face masks and social distancing.
    No reason to be alarmed.

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