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Trump heads to Georgia amid concerns he might sabotage Republican fortunes

Trump heads to Georgia amid concerns he might sabotage Republican fortunes

On MSNBC’s Velshi program Saturday Republican strategist Rick Tyler disparaged his party for allowing themselves to be intimidated by Donald Trump. The two were discussing the special senate elections in Georgia which will take place next month and could determine who controls the senate when Joe Biden takes over as President.

“Rick, talk to me about this,” said anchor Ali Velshi. “For those who are not Republicans or consider themselves conservatives, explain to me what you believe the motivation is in sitting and watching this Republican clown car with a seized engine and tires blowed out going off a cliff? Why would any Republican want this to happen? I get Jennifer’s point that maybe Trump is more popular than some of them are, but there is life after Trump, and shouldn’t Republicans who have had a political party for a very long time be thinking about that?”

“What you’re seeing is a party of cowards,” said Tyler. “I don’t know if there’s rehabilitation for eunuchs, a party of eunuchs, but I don’t think there is. This party has self-destructed and destroyed itself, although I would say that you underestimate the legal team. I’m looking to give them a contribution, and I’d encourage many people to give Rudy … as much contribution and money to keep this clown show going, because I’ve never seen anything like it.”

“They’re in Georgia now telling people not to vote, to boycott the Republican election,” continued Tyler. “Where is Donald Trump saying this? A political first in my political experience, the political first, he’s going to have a rally for losers. He’s going to be center stage in the loser rally and he’s not going to talk about what’s at stake in the Senate. Barely going to mention the republican candidates. We don’t have to wonder about this. We know who he is. Donald Trump will just talk about how the election was stolen, the grievances and he’ll drive away the very voters that Perdue and Loeffler need to win in Georgia.”

Trump has engaged in a public war of words with Georgia’s Republican Governor Brian Kemp over Kemp’s refusal to interfere with the certification of Joe Biden’s narrow win in the state. Trump’s impending campaign rally in Georgia has some Republicans on edge, concerned Trump could depress turnout among his base if he continues to rail against Georgia’s election system and launches more attacks against Kemp.

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