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Hamilton imposes testing and capacity restrictions on retail and workplaces


Hamilton imposes testing and capacity restrictions on retail and workplaces

Hamilton may have avoided going into full lockdown, but locally the Medial Officer of Health has used her powers to toughen screening in retail outlets in Hamilton. Dr. Elizabeth Richardson announced a number of additional public health measures.

The enhancements would come into effect at 12:01 a.m. on Saturday, December 5, 2020 for retail outlets and 12:01 a.m. on Monday, December 7, 2020 for shopping malls, retail businesses and workplaces. Some of the implemented measures will include:

•             reducing capacity and limits at shopping malls and retail establishments

•             active screening at workplaces, shopping malls and retail businesses

•             posting capacity limits based on physical distancing requirements

•             appointing a manager to develop, implement and actively monitor a Safety Plan in workplaces, shopping malls and retail businesses.

The restrictions mean that customers will now be greeted at the entrance to a shopping mall by a screener who will ask them a number of health-related questions. Those who do not cooperate will be denied entry. Shopping malls and workplaces will be required to appoint a manager tasked with developing and implementing a COVID19 safety plan. That order includes small retainers as well. Those plans must be in place by December 10 for retail businesses and December 12 for other workplaces.

These additional enhanced restrictions come as the city sees its COVID-19 numbers and outbreaks continue to rise at a concerning rate.

Dr Richardson discussed the need for more restrictions.

The full details of the new requirements can be accessed below.

The new orders come as Hamilton reported 42 new COVID cases, down from 69 the day before. There were no new deaths and there was one new outbreak at Sir Wilfred Laurier School involving two staff members. Halton reported 75 new cases—32 of them in Milton, 20 in each of Burlington and Oakville and three in Halton Hills. There was one new death reported in Halton. Hospitalizations stand at 26 for Hamilton and 35 in Halton.

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  • I have to say thank you to the person I spoke to at public health when I was asking for clarification given to conflicting messages to allow my landlord to impose an unreasonable amount of people into my unit given there is not enough space for proper physical distancing.

    All I was asking for was verification, yet the landlord has now issued N5 on top of the two N12s I have received.

    Some individuals are completely unreasonable and if they have an authoritarian type personality have no semblance of common sense which further causes trauma to s very difficult situation.

    In my landlords world, only he has rights, as a tenant I have no rights.

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