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Keddy Mountain access bike lane set to open

Keddy Mountain access bike lane set to open

Almost five years to the day that cyclist Jay Keddy was killed after being hit from behind by a distracted driver, The mountain cycling lane named for him is about to open. Beginning on Friday afternoon, Hamilton will officially reopen the upbound lanes of the Claremont Access and open the new Keddy Access Trail.

Construction began in July and has included:

•             Roadway resurfacing along the Claremont Access upbound lanes and the Mountain Brow ramp to West 5th Street

•             The construction of the Keddy Access Trail, a multi-use trail network with connections at four locations

•             A new pedestrian signal between Southam Park, the Keddy Access Trail and the James Street Escarpment stairs

•             Minor bridge deck repairs

Keddy access trail , right, is separated from the roadway by a hard barrier

Gates to the Keddy Access Trail will be closed until Friday afternoon, and pedestrians and cyclists are asked to refrain from using it until all signage, pavement markings and other safety measures have been fully installed. The Keddy Access Trail spans between Hunter Street and West 5th Street, with side connections at four locations (including an entry point at Hunter Street and Claremont Access) These connections are three-metre wide asphalt trails, located at:

The Keddy trail has four access points similar to the one on the left

•             West Avenue (near Wellington Street)

•             St Joseph’s Drive

•             North and south sides of Arkledun Avenue / Jolley Cut

•             Tanner Street through Southam Park

Cyclists and pedestrians are reminded to share the trail. As a cyclist, do not exceed 15 km/hr on trails, slow down to pass others and yield to pedestrians. Cyclists are advised to keep right and pass on the left.

The downbound lanes of the Claremont Access will be resurfaced as part of a future project.

At this time, organized public events and social gatherings are limited under provincial restrictions in the Red – Control category. As a result, the City will not be holding a ribbon cutting or other event to celebrate the opening of the Keddy Trail or Claremont Access.

The City of Hamilton thanks motorists, pedestrians and cyclists for their patience and cooperation as we work to ensure continued public safety along the escarpment roadways.

Said Myor Fred Eisenberger, “The completion of this project will expand travel options among residents and will provide much-needed connectivity between the lower city and mountain. The new Keddy Access Trail is an important initiative for cyclists and pedestrians and a wonderful tribute to Jay Keddy. Thank you to City staff for ensuring this project was completed safely and to our community members for your patience during this time.”

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