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Defund Police tent encampment is no more


Defund Police tent encampment is no more

Shortly after 9am today City of Hamilton bylaw officers began to dismantle the  tents set up in front of Hamilton City Hall ending a week-long Defund the Police encampment. By mid afternoon the City Hall forecourt had been cleared out.

Bylaw officers took down the tents and loaded them into city garbage trucks.  As the tents were dismantled, demonstrators called for a meeting with Mayor Fred Eisenberger, chanted and live-streamed videos, yelling at the bylaw officers. The mayor had said on the weekend that he was prepared to meet with the protesters but the offer got bogged down when protesters insisted the meeting take place outside city hall rather than inside as the mayor had offered.

A city news release that went out as the dismantling of tents began noted, “over the past week the demonstration in front of City Hall has resulted in crowds of more than 75 people on several occasions.” The release went on to say  that an assault on a person with a metal bar was captured on CCTV and there were two overdoses that paramedics had to deal with.tThe city said Thursday night that the demonstrators could stay as long as their numbers were below 25 — but the tents must go.

The city also said the order is meant to encourage the demonstrators to follow the city’s bylaws which bar tents on city property. Staff will also continue to enforce the province’s COVID-19 orders which prohibit outdoor gatherings of more than 25 people, the city said.

The protestors were warned Thursday night that the tents had to be down by midnight Sunday.

At the daily COVID news conference Paul Johnson the head of Safe Communities, while not directly referring to the encampment, said there are shelter spaces available for those who need them.

Mayor Fred Eisenberger said last week the demand for a 50 per-cent budget cut is “not a rational notion. That’s certainly not supported in the broader community and that’s certainly not where we’re going,” the mayor said during a media update Thursday, adding affordable housing continues to be a focus for the city. He went on to remind that he had developed a plan to spend $50 million over 10 years on housing initiatives.

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  • I am thoroughly disgusted with the mayor and certain councillors who have been on air giving an very negative view of those who are homeless with no place to go.

    Mr Johnson was never the person to enact real change too busy about earning in accessing of $200,000 yet had no interest in advocating and putting the voices of those who are homeless above his own. He is out of his league, not qualified period.

    A shelter bed is not proper housing and the draconian rules imposed by the not for profits is unacceptable. Never mind the cramming people into a setting where covid can run rampant.

    Today the mayor’s word in cbc article was to do delegations. I’m sorry but after 20 years of the public speaking the housing crisis has gotten worse. That format is not working period.

    I’m sorry but the police are put in a precarious situation, their role as I see it is to protect the ruling class as they stomp on the working class. Those who identify as middle class further disrupt the messaging as they are the working class not the ruling class.

    During the Winnipeg General Strike, police did join the ranks of those fighting the ruling class. History does speak for the battles workers endured.

    The charity mentality is no longer working and why should we be adhering to a system that cannot do the real political work that is needed to enact real change.

  • when agitators like Mattie Green and Nrinder Nann throw open their own homes to accommodate their “peeps” I will know this situation has some credibility.
    Until then, Hamilton remains a hotbed for subversive misfits.

  • Mr Graham, while you are entitled to your viewpoint you clearly have no idea of what is going on in regards to the growing homelessness crisis. N12 evictions are growing in number and housing is becoming unaffordable for many. There are no units available for social housing only wait lists, which can be years. Thus the growing number of homeless people. A shelter bed is not proper housing in any shape or form. The mayor is the emperor with no clothes, prancing around saying go the delegation way yet the public have been going thru that process for 20 years and the situation has gotten worse, so that model is no longer working. The mayor is no leader.

    The picture you have in your mindset, is not based on facts, just right wing political rhetoric.

    You have no empathy or compassion, at least that is what your viewpoint is expressing to me.

    I suggest you remember history, like the Winnipeg General Strike which the police joined back in the day. Concepts like pensions, labour rights, old age security , social safety net, came from the early anarchist and communist thinkers. Workers died fighting for those rights yet here you are acting like a Robber Baron, yet clearly you are a working class member.

    The mayor should of engaged with the people on their terms, in the public realm and not trying to maneuver people into in camera sessions like they did to Hamsmart and Keeping Six.

    The truth shall prevail!

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