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Ottawa Notebook: Time warp in Ottawa


Ottawa Notebook: Time warp in Ottawa

Yesterday it was revealed that the Prime Minister’s office had issued a news release critical of Opposition Leader Erin O’Toole’s comments in a phone call with Trudeau BEFORE the call had taken place. Today, O’Toole held a news conference to criticize comments Trudeau will make Tomorrow. It’s a bewildering bending of the time-space continuum that does not instill confidence.

Elsewhere in Ottawa, Patty Hajdu, the Health Minister who has kept a low profile during the pandemic is under attack, by the Toronto Sun at least, for making numerous trips home on government Jets to Thunder Bay at a time when she was advising Canadians to stay home. She earlier made headlines when her official biography was published that read, “at 12 years old, Hajdu moved to Thunder Bay to live with her mother. Due to a tumultuous relationship, she ended up living on her own at age 16, attempting to finish high school.” Her mother responded in a letter to the editor that cast some doubt on the narrative: “I am the one person mentioned in the article whose reputation is being blackened; the one with the supposed mental health problems, but to whom she entrusted her children every day with no remuneration so that she could freely pursue her career and her education.”

Yesterday NDP leader Jagmeet Singh engaged in a five hour virtual game of #Among Us” on Twich With Alexandra Octavio-Cortez, the leader of the US Democrats’ left wing, to raise money for eviction defence legal aid efforts, food pantries and community support organizations. By the end of nearly six hours, close to $200,000 had been raised. Singh might not have been entirely comfortable with some of Ocasio-Cortez’s comments, however, which while well-intentioned, seemed to imply that she would settle for the progressive policies that are already in place in Canada. “What’s so surprising to me is that I live in New York, Toronto is just a day’s drive away,” she said. “It’s just a stone’s throw away from being able to afford your insulin.” “Another world is possible and exists like a three hour drive away from people who say it’s impossible,” she said.

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