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City of Hamilton charged in relation to 2018 odour issues at Central Composting Facility


City of Hamilton charged in relation to 2018 odour issues at Central Composting Facility

As the city awaits news on whether it faces charges over Sewergate, Wednesday, the City of Hamilton received a summons from the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation & Parks (MECP) in relation to the 2018 odour issues at the contractor-operated Central Composting Facility.

The City and several contractors have been charged with discharging or permitting the discharge of a contaminant (odour) contrary to the Environmental Protection Act. As such, the City is required to appear before the Ontario Court of Justice on February 3, 2021.

As a result of the odour issues, the MECP initiated an investigation, with which the City has fully cooperated. City representatives will attend the court date in February and a further update will be available after City Council has an opportunity to hear the outcome of the court appearance.

Quick Facts:

•             In June 2018, the City voluntarily shut down its Central Composting Facility in response to odour complaints in the surrounding neighbourhoods.

•             Before reopening the facility in February 2019, the City made several operational and procedural changes, including:

•             Reducing the process capacity to one third of the original design

•             Accepting and processing material from the City of Hamilton only, and not from other municipalities

•             Eliminating the use of the curing building and curing compost either in the main processing building or offsite at a third-party processor

•             Banning grass and leaf and yard waste from the Green Bin program

•             Additional operational performance monitoring including implementation of additional key performance indicators for the air quality control system

•             Hiring a third-party company to patrol the surrounding neighbourhoods for air quality impacts (now concluded)

•             The current contractor has been operating the CCF since 2006. 

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  • Of course all these blunders caused by city council and the inept people the city hires, will be placed on the tax payers.

    It is time to for those unqualified people who run for elected office and the various overpaid unaccountable people who earn in access of $100,000, should be responsible for paying the debt caused by their blunders.

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