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Defund Police Protesters ordered to de-camp

Defund Police Protesters ordered to de-camp

Mayor Eisenberger says bylaw enforcement will be issuing orders to the Defund Police protestors now camping out in the City Hall forecourt to take down the tents. “We consider it to be a protest, not an encampment. People are free to protest as many people do out in front of the city hall forecourt, but they are not allowed to put up tents and encampments so notification will be going out today to them to remove the tents.” In terms of their demands…we set aside 50 Million dollars over five year, before this pandemic began, predominantly for housing.  In terms of defunding the police, fifty percent reduction is not  a rational notion –that’s certainly not supported in the broader community and certainly that’s not where we are going.”

Paul Johnson the Director of safe communities was asked what is being done to prevent another Emerald Lodge situation, where the residents of that long-term care facility had to be evacuated because the conditions had deteriorated so badly. He said that in regular inspections that are carried out,  even Emerald Lodge had not been is such dire condition before the pandemic broke out, but the receivership of its owners and their subsequent abandonment by management forced Hamilton Public Health to shut the place down. He said the department is cracking down on operators by not renewing licenses in some cases and not renewing subsidy agreements. He said he wants to make sure there isn’t an expectation by the operators of LTC facilities that they will be allowed to operate them as they did before COVID hit.

Dr Elisabeth Richardson said her department is working to put measures in place to make sure Hamilton’s Long Term Care facilities will not be caught flat-footed as they were in the first wave of the pandemic.  

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  • So Mayor Fred had spoken, yet what has he really said? So his rant that they set aside 50 million over five years does what exactly for those homeless now? Those in the community know that when they dismantled the camps, people had no housing to go to, no hotel rooms and being crammed into an unsafe shelter is not not acceptable period.

    I applaud the efforts of these young people who are standing in defiance . The trigger words DEFUND THE POLICE , is upsetting the ruling class that depends on the police to defend their way of life while the ruling class has no concern what so ever for those left with no place to go.

    It brings to mind, the character Howard Beale snd his words,
    I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.

    Freddie has no idea how many Howard Beales are out there.

    Fredfie’s hand picked avatar of the big bad wolf, Johnson, blows a lot of hot air, yet is not qualified in any shape or form to have landed the position he holds. He lies about the Emerald Lodge and the citizens should be also looking at Dr Richardson who for years failed to ensure public health standards in regards to property standards were enforced. If you believe the problems just occurred then I suggest you need to shake your head and wake up.

    There is a truth to be heard from those experiencing the draconian measures and complete lack of help out there. The voices of those who are homeless and struggling with near homelessness need to be heard.

  • So in a previous article about the emerald lodge, the words attributed to Johnson were he had no idea how bad it was yet today his words are completely different.

    I say his nose has grown teo feet, like Pinocchio, caught in deception.

    A constant word salad flows from Johnson’s lips, complete nonsense.

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