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Easier visiting rules at Joe Brant Hospital


Easier visiting rules at Joe Brant Hospital

Joseph Brant Hospital is updating and relaxing its caregiver and support person presence guidelines effective Tuesday. The hospital says it recognizes that caregivers and support persons are essential partners in care. and that it continues to perform surgical and out-patient clinical care, including emergency care,. The hospital Chief of Staff posted a video last week reminding residents that the hospital is open and encourages people with medical needs to make use of the hospital.

The updates are as follows:

  • Approved caregiver and support person(s) may visit on consecutive days as opposed to the even and odd room number stipulations that were previously in effect
  • Patients may change the name(s) of designated caregiver or support person(s) after 14 days if required

The following visitor limitations remain in effect:

  • In-patients: Up to two caregivers/support persons (18+) identified by the patient may visit during visiting hours (9 a.m. to 8 p.m.). Only one caregiver/support person will be permitted on site at any given time and designated caregivers must ensure this by coordinating their visits.
  • Ambulatory Care (out-patients): Only the patient should be attending an outpatient appointment due to the need to maintain physical distancing. If the patient is frail or very ill and requires assistance, one family member/caregiver is permitted. Attending caregivers/support persons need to be approved in advance by clinic staff.
  • Emergency & Urgent Care: Visitors are not permitted except under exceptional circumstances. Please see our website for the most up-to-date information.    
  • Patients who are pregnant/in labour/postpartum: Labouring women may be accompanied by a single care partner during labour, birth and postpartum. The care partner can stay overnight with in and out privileges. Visitors are not permitted.

Residents are reminded that when planning a visit, to carefully review the hospital’s visitor policy the JBH website to help provide the safest possible hospital experience. All visitors must wear a mask at all times and consumption of food is not permitted in patient rooms. Any food brought in for a patient must be individually packaged and not shared.

Whenever possible, patients are encouraged to connect with their loved ones by telephone and video. Telephone and WiFi are free for patients and iPads are available to help keep them connected.

For more information, please visit the COVID-19 information on the JBH website.

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