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What’s with the war on conservation authorities?


What’s with the war on conservation authorities?


Conservation Authorities across Ontario are reeling with news that the Ford Government plans to essentially neuter them in terms of being able to block development in their watersheds. The government also wants to remove citizens from conservation boards. The question is why? The Bay Observer has been in touch with the Ministry of Environment in an effort to find out why these drastic changes are needed. What is the problem that these measures are intended to solve? Even the way the changes were rolled out is suspicious. The changes were included in an omnibus bill that accompanied the budget. Isn’t the budget important enough to be in a bill by itself? This is the same omnibus bill, by the way, that contains a measure paving the way for Fire-and-brimstone preacher cum college operator Charles McVety to have his institution declared a degree-granting university. McVety is well known for his anti gay, anti Darwin and anti Islam views.

Back to the Conservation authorities, it appears there was a public consultation process earlier this year but Conservation officials we spoke to said there was no hint in those discussions that these kinds of changes were in the works. A government spokesperson told the Bay Observer ”with our proposed changes, conservation authorities could still provide advice/support to municipalities and the Province for appeals of Planning Act decisions – increasing accountability, consistency and transparency by streamlining the land use planning process through the one-window approach.” So it’s clear the changes are to facilitate planning (read development).

The  Hamilton Conservation Authority says it might get involved in one development application per year, and in some years, no cases at all. So it’s hard to see there would be many complaints about HCA. The answer may lie further east, when you look at the Toronto Region Conservation Authority. TRCA covers a vast area taking in parts of neighbouring York, Peel and Durham Regions in addition to Metro Toronto. Its jurisdiction stretches from Ajax to Mississauga, effectively covering the part of the province where growth and development pressures are the greatest. The wording of the government bill is almost surgical in weakening CA’s abilities to involve themselves in planning regulations while at the same time removing the kind of engaged (and possibly noisy) citizens who would want to serve on Conservation Authority Boards. Conservation Authorities and their supporters, whose numbers are substantial, are pushing back. This could end up being a hotter potato for the government than it expected because the conservation movement has powerful supporters from all parts of the political spectrum, including former Tory Cabinet Minister David Crombie who has already fired a letter off to the Ford Government.

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  • The problem is obvious, Conservation Authorities have used current powers to oppose Provincial planning and development, and to use a euphemism, have become a pain in the ass. Expecting that your opposition to Conservative affection for development would go unchallenged seems immature and unreasonable.
    It is time to own actions and their consequence. The chickens have come home to roost.

  • The Cons Authorities overeach is being ignored – this is an unelected bodies who were exerting rules fees regulations and power over municipalities.

    They work with an objective called ‘managed retreat’ which is essentially expropriating property without compensation! Taxpaying property owners have not only had property devalued by this – the rules and regulations they tried to enforce are designed to interfere with property owners trying to effectively protect their property!

    This is their objective. This was Crombie’s objective for decades. Lakefront property owners across Ontario would effectively be REMOVED!
    Why are we not hearing both sides of this conversation? This is an UNdemocratic attack on taxpaying property owners!

  • BTW – the line “Hamilton Conservation Authority says it might get involved in one development application per year” – this is highly misleading – likely deliberately – ask the question – how many applications are submitted for building/permits for such things as retaining walls, Shoreline protection, etc?

    I would believe the number would be in the hundreds – or MORE! This is VERY misleading!

    The use of the term ‘development’ implies what? A ‘new’ ‘subdivision’ on waterfront or wetlands? I would believe that might be 1 or less per year.
    But it ignores the extent of how much these CA authorities are impacting and interfering with property owners all over the provice! This interference adding costs and time and restrictions impact existing property owners – and not in a positive way – aligns with their ultimate objective in most cases is to impede and ultimately remove property owners wherever possible.

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