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A Liking for a Lambo

A Liking for a Lambo

The only, lonely car for sale in the Saturday Hamilton Spectator classified section is a 2015 Lamborghini Huracan. No Dodge Caravans, or Toyota Avalons, just the Lambo.

That intrigued me. I had to follow up.

Call and leave a message the ad said.

So I called.

The owner is asking $230,000. He’s selling because after three year’s he wants something new.

“Of all the cars I’ve had, the Lamborghini is the most interesting.

Better than the Ferrari’s he’s had.

“The power, the cornering, there’s nothing like it.”

He’s already ordered his next car, a Chevy Corvette. They start at $67,000. Quite a savings over the Lambo.

Though the seller didn’t want to give out his name, he owns a Chevy dealership.

“The Corvettes are already sold out for 2021.”

We talked cars for a bit and I told him I reviewed the Chevy Bolt for the Bay Observer.

“How’d you like it?” He asked.

I told him I liked it a lot.

“I’ve got a couple here, I can give you $10,000 off,” he said.

I guess he knew I wasn’t going to make an offer on the Lambo.

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