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Meet Justine Tyrell, upcoming Canadian R&B artist

Meet Justine Tyrell, upcoming Canadian R&B artist

Canadian singer-songwriter, Justine Tyrell, is back with her brand new single “Worthy”. The decorated Canadian artist has been called a game changer in her city of Calgary, Alberta, by Branded Magazine, and has certainly taken the city, and music scene, by storm. With a sound reminiscent of icons Aaliyah, Mya, and the classic R&B sound of the early 2000’s, Justine’s sultry vocals and traditional R&B melodies come with a fresh, modern day flare, and have piqued the attention of music critics across Canada and beyond.

Filmed in Calgary, the video was a collaborative endeavour between Justine and multiple Calgary based creative agencies and professionals. The video for “Worthy” compliments the song perfectly, telling a visual tale that aligns closely with the lyrics. From catching her date glancing at another woman, and proudly singing the lyrics “I know that I’m Worthy” in a group of women of colour, Justine’s video for “Worthy” is a proudly inclusive, and proudly Calgarian visual of the song.

A proud supporter of the Black Lives Matter community in her hometown and across the country, Justine is a trusted voice within the movement and was called on for her insight and commentary by numerous television and instagram live outlets throughout the summer.

With its dreamy R&B melody, anthemic chorus, and sultry vocals, “Worthy” pays homage to the traditional R&B sound and adds a modern twist. The tune is about “owning your value, owning your worth – and remaining unshakable in your stance of accepting only what you want and deserve.” Inspired by personal experiences in relationships, and as a woman of colour, Justine’s “Worthy” was written as a reminder to all, and to herself,  that no matter the situation at hand – be it an issue in a relationship or something else, nobody can determine your worth but you.

Upcoming Virtual Performances:

•             Online Tour: Opening for Jocelyn Alice, Sundays Oct 25th – Dec 6th, Jocelyn Alice’s YouTube page.

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