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Ford blasts Whole Foods, is chided by a reporter

Ford blasts Whole Foods, is chided by a reporter

Whole foods, is the Amazon owned “woke” grocer that prides itself on a number of core values including this one:

Our success is dependent upon the collective energy, intelligence, and contributions of all of our Team Members. We design and provide safe and empowering environments where highly motivated people can flourish and reach their highest potential.

We strive to build positive and healthy relationships. “Us versus them” thinking has no place in our company. We earn trust through transparent communication, open door policies, and inclusive people practices. We appreciate and recognize the good work that our fellow Team Members do every day.

We value the importance of fun, family, and community involvement to encourage a rich, meaningful, and balanced life.

Inclusive people practices apparently didn’t extend to include staff members at its 14 Canadian stores who might want to wear a poppy during Remembrance week. The decision by Whole foods to ban its employees from wearing the poppy has triggered a backlash from the every corner of the country. Prime Minister Trudeau called the decision #a suilly mistake that I hope will be corrected as soon as possible.” He also indicasted that Veterans Affairs Minister Lawrence MacAulay is contacting Whole Foods to discuss the issue.

Federal Conservative leader Erin O’Toole, who served in the Canadian Forces, tweeted, “The sacrifice of Canadians in the past provides the freedom for a US grocery chain to be stupid today. Let’s tell Whole Foods to stop trying to be Woke Foods. The poppy is not a cause, it is a sign of respect.” Canadian special ambassador Bob Rae tweeted, “This is outrageous.  Wake up, Whole Foods.  In Canada we show respect to veterans and those thousands who made the ultimate sacrifice by wearing a poppy.”

At his news conference today Premier Doug Ford says he will introduce legislation outlawing the poppy ban.

The controversy came to and end just before 3PM today when Veterans Affairs Minister MacAulay reported on his conversation with Whole Foods.

Also at the Ford news conference got a little testy today when Ford was asked a question by reporter Brian Lilley of the Toronto Sun, a Ford-friendly publication. Lilley wanted to know why restaurants and Gyms in Peel region were staying under heavy restrictions when the current surge in pandemic cases happened while these facilities were closed.  Ford answered the question but then received a little talk-back.

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  • All the WW1 and practically most WW2 vets are gone. What really were they fighting for???

    It was not about freedom. We have to consider that WW1 vets had to fight for benefits which most if not all did not receive.

    It is a tragedy, the loss of life both military and civilian that died during two world wars. It is about power, land not freedom.

    General Butler espoused the words War is a racket, the poor fight and die while the rich hide. The same is true today.

    We have all this supposed legislation about bullying yet the upper crust, the money, the greed, the power still continues to deprive so many in this country. The Iindifference of the struggle and suffering is right in peopke’s faces yet if it is not happening to then, they just don’t care.

    People should lot be pulled into rhetoric to satisfy those who are indifferent and will never fight because of privilege.

    These are my thoughts.

  • I do not believe the poppy honours government, or glorifies war.
    For me, it is a symbol of sacrifice.Personal sacrifice.
    Ne Oublie.

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