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Hamilton trying to get its environmental house in order

Hamilton trying to get its environmental house in order

The city of Hamilton has listed at least 49 specific actions over 9 environmental categories that have been taken in order to reduce the municipal operation’s contribution to climate change. A sample of those initiatives includes:

  • New police building has been certified in the Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) and connected to District Energy that reduces energy consumption and GHG emissions.
  • Public-private partnership (P3) for the Biosolids Facilities that converts waste into re-useable, stable fertilizer or fuel.
  •  675 meters of trails constructed across the City
  •  Shoreline protection improvement projects including Waterfront trail to improve
  • Purchasing electric vehicles and power equipment
  • Flamborough Park wetland restoration project in partnership with Halton Conservation
  • Waterfront trail elevation project to raise grades of trail that seasonally floods, Shoreline protection improvement projects
  • Establishing a Bay area Climate Change office with Burlington.

Staff also issued a report on the current state of emissions in the city that showed negligible overall improvement between 2011` and 2018. The biggest improvement in GHG emissions came with the shutdown of the steelmaking operation at Stelco, but since 2011 the overall GHG profile has been almost static at just over 11 million tonnes of CO2.

It wouldn’t be a Hamilton Council meeting without a split along ideological lines. Two representatives from Environment Hamilton appeared as a delegation to say that the city “had gone to sleep during the pandemic,” when it cam to environmental mitigation, which triggered a sharp response from Ancaster Councillor Lloyd Ferguson. He asked the city’s environmental coordinator Trevor Imhoff if he agreed that based on Imhoff’s presentation detailing the environmental work don’t cy the city this year, “we did not to sleep? Imhoff agreed  and the Councillor said, I think it was completely irresponsible for (Environment Hamilton) to have made that statement,” adding, It’s unconscionable—they’re misleading the public.

Councillor Nrinder Nann defended Environment Hamilton in  a comment that some might interpret as a dig at the “old Guard” on Council:

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  • Let’s see now…..”Environment Hamilton”…….yes sir, they are the same folks who are “wildly enthusiastic” about this scheme to remove every single tree along a 13 km swath of our core. … they can be replaced by poles and cables. No more shade. No more birdsong..Thousands of healthy, mature tree’s-slaughtered-in order to achieve their ‘vision”
    Killing tree’s is good for the environment?How can anybody take anyone who promotes such stupidity seriously?
    Hamilton is a hotbed for subversive misfits.

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