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Golden women—Golden Rule

Golden women—Golden Rule

Golden Women a community of believers that want to help those in need in around the world. Golden Women Support provides – safe housing, food and basic supplies, rehabilitation, counselling and treatment programs for victims and abusers, and community education.

Its mission is to welcome the community with open arms. To train people who are passionate about living out God’s purpose for their lives and to give an outlet for sharing the love through outreach and missions.

They envision a society in which everyone is committed to giving and participating in the charitable sector, and in which all charities, regardless of size, can increase their impact.

Golden Women Support works at the grassroots to help provide services that will allow people to raise their standard of living sustainably.

Pictured above, members of the Hamilton Chapter of Golden Women preparing to distribute food to encampment residents in Downtown Hamilton.

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  • I’m sorry but people do not need charity, they need wages or social assistance that keeps in line with market rent and inflation.

    Not for profits, we have many whose main goal is to ensure their staff earn a good living oppressing the poor.

    This world has nothing to do with God it is man who has created the system the world lives under.

    Giving crumbs does not solve housing issues plus s myriad of other issues which have nothing to do with religious fervour.

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