Biden gets some favorable polling data on final weekend of race

Cable news networks, leery of a repeat of the 2016 fiasco where almost all of the mainstream media  got the outcome of the presidential race wrong, are taking a very cautious tone this time out. But some polls released today show Joe Biden opening up a slightly more comfortable lead in key battleground states.

Four polls were released regarding the Florida presidential race today. All are showing a race within the margin of error. Two had Trump ahead by one and two percentage points. A New York Times poll had Biden ahead by three points and another had him up by a single point. In Pennsylvania, seen as another toss-up,  two polls released this morning showed Joe Biden widening his lead. A Washington Post poll showed Biden ahead by seven points, a New York Times poll showed Biden ahead by six points. Three polls in Michigan all  had Biden up by seven points. A New York Times poll had Biden ahead by 11 points in Wisconsin and six points ahead in Arizona.

Polls posted today from Real Clear Politics:

Election watchers say Florida’s numbers will be released fairly early on election night, since advance counting of mail-in votes is allowed there. Pennsylvania, on the other hand may take several days to count. Both states are seen as critical to Biden and Trump, although Trump would likely need to capture both states to win. Pundits say Democratic voters are more likely to vote in advance and mail-in polling whereas Republican voters tend to vote in person on election day. In the case of Pennsylvania that could mean Trump showing a lead on election night, only to see it erode as the mail-in ballots are counted.

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