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Ford feeling the heat over McVety university application


Ford feeling the heat over McVety university application

Deputy Premier Christine Elliott Deputy Premier told the Toronto Star she feels “very uncomfortable” with the allegations swirling around the McVety Affair. Elliott says there is no place in the Ontario PC Party for homophobic or racist or Islamophobic views.

Opposition leader  Andrea Horwath asked how the Premier can avoid answering questions about helping his friend “an extremist , Islamophobic, homophobic. Transphobic, Charles McVety permission to grant degrees at his Canadian Christian College.” Horwath alleged that McVety’s application for degree-granting status was pulled from the province’s website temporarily and when it returned on Wednesday 91 pages were removed. Among the missing pages was disclosure that the college had loaned McVety a half million dollars and his son who is a vice president of the college $400,000.

The McVety application has attracted criticism from Professors from Ontario universities who are writing Colleges and Universities Minister Ross Romano to protest Charles McVety’s bid to have Canada Christian College grant bachelor degrees.

McVety, who is both a friend and supporter of Premier Doug Ford, for years has made highly publicised comments against Gays, Darwinism, Muslims and environmentalists. His views were castigated by the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council and his TV program was dropped by the Christian TV network, Crossroads Communications. McVety was also close to Prime Minister Stephen Harper and once bragged that he could get the Prime Minister on the phone in “two minutes.”

At issue is an omnibus bill that the Ford government introduced that contained a clause that if passed would allow McVety’s Bible College the right to grant degrees. Now with the controversy swirling, Ford and his Ministers are insisting the McVety must undergo a vetting process that is available to all educational institutions and which is independent of the government.

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