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US Campaign into final week with Biden poll numbers holding

US Campaign into final week with Biden poll numbers holding

As more than 70 Million advance votes have been cast in the United States—almost half of the total vote in 2016, Donald Trump listed one of the highlights of his presidency as “ending the Covid-19 pandemic”.

This as the US has seen days of record new infections, daily deaths running at almost 1,000 a day, and a 23% increase in cases.

While Biden entered the final week of campaigning with a nine-percentage point lead in national polls, the margin in key battleground states – including Florida and Pennsylvania – remained closer. Polls released today and yesterday on Real Clear Politics  showed Biden with a comfortable lead in Wisconsin- one poll from ABC/Washington Post suggesting Biden was ahead by 17 points. Other polls also had Biden ahead in the state but by smaller margins. In Florida, a Reuters/Ipsos poll has Biden up by two points in a state where the final result is expected to be a cliff-hanger. In Michigan, which Hilary Clinton lost by a handful of votes the New York Times Poll has Biden up by 8 points and an ABC polls had him ahead by 7. Polls yesterday showed extremely close races in North Carolina and Georgia.

Trump has repeatedly claimed that the coverage of coronavirus has been weaponised by the media to damage his chances of re-election. “Covid, Covid, Covid is the unified chant of the Fake News Lamestream Media,” Trump tweeted on Wednesday, repeating a line he has used before.

At Omaha last night where Trump staged a mass rally,thousands of Trump rally attendees were stranded outside of the event — waiting for buses that were delayed due a traffic jam. At least 25,000 were in attendance at the rally. The result was many of the attendees, many of the seniors, were left standing shivering in near freezing  temperatures for an hour and a half waiting for buses to take them back to their cars.

Meanwhile, the Lincoln Project, a super-PAC made up of disgruntled Republicans, continued its anti-Trump advertisements.

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