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Joe Biden Campaign rolling in money

Joe Biden Campaign rolling in money

Joe Biden, until this year considered to be a poor campaign fundraiser, has raised more than three quarters of a Billion dollars—much of it in the past two months. He collected almost $500,000 in September and this month. He has considerably more money in the final days of the campaign than Donald Trump. In addition Biden has the benefit of the $130 Million that Michael Bloomberg is spending to help Biden in Florida alone.

As he said in an interjection in last Thursday’s debate with Donald Trump, a lot of the more recent cash windfall has come from small donors. The Financial Times notes that COVID has been a boon to both campaigns in that it has ruled out a lot of travel and accommodations, reducing expenditures on these items to a small percentage of the total campaign budget. The money is mainly going to paid advertising and Biden is reportedly spending $10 Million a day. We only see a few of the ads in the GTAH because New York state is safe Democratic territory. If you have Detroit local channels on your cable package it is a different story as Michigan is a real battleground state.

Biden had to spend some time yesterday walking back a comment he made in the debate, where he said he wanted to transition away from the oil industry. On Friday, his running mate Kamala Harris reaffirmed the ticket’s support for fracking. But two members of Congress from oil- and gas-rich areas immediately distanced themselves from the Democratic nominee. “We’re not getting rid of fossil fuels,” Biden told reporters after the debate. “We’re getting rid of the subsidies for fossil fuels, but we’re not getting rid of fossil fuels for a long time.” Trump was delighted, saying “Biden put a nail in his coffin in Pennsylvania,” one of the must-win states for both candidates, with Biden showing a slight lead, at least in polls taken before he made the oil remark. Biden was in Pennsylvania today hoping to reassure voters that any change in oil policy is a long way off. Trump is hop-scotching between Caroline, Florida, where he cast his vote today and Ohio.

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