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Romney identifies the problem with politics today


Romney identifies the problem with politics today

Republican Senator Mitt Romney has delivered a tweet that crystallizes the state of political discourse in the United States. In a tweet today he called out United States President Donald Trump and urged “leaders of all stripes” to “tone it down”, warning that the high-pitched, election season rhetoric and attacks will lead to “dangerous action” from their followers.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, the Utah senator lashed out at Trump, but also his opponents on the left, for shifting the nature of politics “from spirited debate to a vile, vituperative, hate-filled morass that is unbecoming of any free nation – let alone the birthplace of modern democracy.”

Romney, the only member of the Republican Senate majority to vote for Trump’s impeachment in February, homed in on the president’s calling Democratic vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris a “monster” and the Democratic leader of the House Nancy Pelosi “crazy”, among other things.

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