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Trump delivers scary speech to audience of Blacks and Latinos


Trump delivers scary speech to audience of Blacks and Latinos

The white House served as a backdrop for a Donald Trump political rally today, attended by an audience of mainly Blacks and Latinos, many wearing “Make America Great Again” hats and T shirts but few wearing face masks.. At the rally which had a law-and-order theme he warned that American Cities face lawlessness “if the socialists are allowed to take over.” Referring to his TV debate with Joe Biden, Trump said “I couldn’t even get him to say the words, ‘law and order’ and then the moderator intervened,” a reference to moderator Chris Wallace who later apologized for losing control of the debate.

Trump claimed that if the left gains power, they’ll launch a crusade against law enforcement. Echoing his highly inaccurate campaign ads that suggest that Democratic nominee Joe Biden would defund 911 operations and have a “therapist” answer calls about crime, Trump falsely claimed that the left is focused on taking away firearms, funds and authority from police.

The decision of Trump inviting a group of Black and Latino Americans, who have been disproportionately affected by the coronavirus, to an event at the White House at a time when he might still be contagious, was appalling to Dr. Jeremy Faust, an emergency physician at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

“The images we are seeing are absolutely extraordinary,” Faust said on CNN’s “Newsroom” as attendees on the South Lawn were closely packed together. “To literally draw (Black and Latino activists) into the White House, to a hot zone, is extraordinarily inept in terms of public policy and public health … If you believe nuclear power is safe, you don’t go and have a picnic at Chernobyl the next day to prove that point.”

In his speech today Trump covered some now-familiar themes.

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