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String of weapons and drug possession charges after Barton bomb scare


String of weapons and drug possession charges after Barton bomb scare

A police investigation that saw several streets in the Barton-Red Hill area locked down Saturday and a bomb unit deployed has resulted in arrests.  A Hamilton couple faces charges after a traffic stop in the east end. The investigation began in the area of Barton Street East and Red Hill Valley Parkway and led to the seizure of several firearms.

On Saturday, Police became involved in an investigation involving a vehicle that appeared to be disabled on Barton Street East. The occupants of the vehicle were found to be contravening the Liquor License Act and further investigation revealed they were in possession of several firearms as well as tools and parts involved in the manufacturing of firearms. The occupants were also in possession of ammunition and items believed to be explosive devices.

In light of the discovery, the couple was taken into custody and the Explosive Disposal Unit, a division of the Emergency Response Unit, was deployed to the area. A large radius surrounding the area of Barton Street East and the Red Hill Valley Parkway was locked down until the situation was rendered safe.

Ultimately, officers seized several firearms, ammunition and firearms-related parts as well as a small quantity of methamphetamine at the conclusion of the traffic stop.

The couple appeared at the John Sopinka Courthouse on Sunday, September 20, 2020. Charged are Richard Vanderlubbe, 34-years-old from Hamilton and Kelsey McInerney, 26-years-old from Hamilton. They face a number of charges related to firearms and with possession of methamphetamine.

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