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They weren’t listening

They weren’t listening

Just a few hours after Premier Doug Ford announced a ban on outdoor gathering s of more than 50 persons, what is being described as an “Impromptu car show” popped up at the Ancaster Power Centre. Police estimate there were at least 1,000 young men and women present. The  illegal gathering began over the supper hour and it took Hamilton Police, aided by reinforcements from Peel, York and the OPP until 10PM before the crowd was broken up. There is no word so far on charges. Last week the Ford Government announced fines of up to $10,000 for organizing illegal rallies and parties, in addition to the $750 individual fines for those who attend the gatherings.

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  • These are not people who are struggling, homeless. They are the children of those who can afford a better living, however are they better parents when it appears their young people could care less about their actions. Smells of privilege and arrogance, in my opinion.

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