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Burlington agrees to Pinedale residential complex

Burlington agrees to Pinedale residential complex

A compromise has been reached that will allow a long planned residential complex to be built at the Appleby Mall property at New Street and Appleby Line in Burlington. First Capital (Appleby) Corporation had originally wanted to build development two multi-unit apartment buildings, one measuring 12 storeys and the other 17 storeys, housing 324 units. After delays, in part caused by the big flood in Burlington in 2014. In July this year the two sides got together and came up with a compromise. That would see the following changes.

• Reduction in the height of the proposed buildings . The revised design now proposes three buildings, two of are 12 storeys and one  building at 9 storeys .

• Re-orientation of the taller 12 storeys buildings toward the intersection of Pinedale Avenue and Timber Lane with the lower 9 storey building situated further west along Pinedale Avenue.

• An increase in the setback of the buildings from Pinedale Avenue from 3 metres to a minimum of 6 metres.

• Redesign of proposed buildings to achieve compliance with City’s Urban Design Guidelines.

• Introduction of three  bedroom townhouse type units at the base of all proposed buildings with an additional landscape setback along the Pinedale Avenue frontage.

• Buildings along Pinedale Avenue have been shifted south to provide full 45-degree angular plane compliance.

• Restriction on balcony projections in order to comply with the intent of the existing By-law requirements.

• Enhanced landscaping including pavement treatment and planting have been provided to create a defined residential environment.

The city and the developer will present the plan at an LPAT hearing next month.

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