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Burlington Transit gets fleet upgrade

Burlington Transit gets fleet upgrade

A dozen new 40-foot buses will improve the quality of transit over the next three years, notably increasing service frequency. Five conventional buses will replace older models that have reached the end of their lifecycle.

“This funding is welcome news for our community at a time when safe and reliable public transit is more important than ever,” Mayor Marianne Meed Ward said. “Earlier this year our ridership was trending upwards and the impact of these funds will contribute significantly to that positive momentum.”

For many years the City has been facing an uphill battle to get more residents to use public transit. Most people are addicted to using cars, even for short trips around Burlington. But many also have claimed the City service is too slow and unreliable.

It has resulted in a lot of empty buses patrolling routes at a high cost to taxpayers.

In addition to the buses, three new specialized vehicles are designed to improve the system’s accessibility.

Also covered in the funding is installation of new equipment on buses which will allow them to move through traffic more quickly, implementation of an intelligent transit technology system to introduce new on-demand services to areas currently underserviced and purchase of a new fuel pump with twinned dispensing nozzles and two vehicle hoists.

Breakdown on the funding shows the federal government providing $5.1 mllion and the provincial government $4.3 million. The remaining $3.4 million will come from the City of Burlington.


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