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City to redesign website –have your say


City to redesign website –have your say

If you have been frustrated trying to find anything on the City of Hamilton website,, now is your chance to help shape the new site. The City is asking residents to provide input and share feedback on their experience using the current website. Beginning August 17, 2020, the consultation process runs until September 4, 2020 and will leverage the City’s new Engage Hamilton platform and tools to identify key themes for improvement.

The website redesign will focus on delivering valuable content, an efficient content management tool and a commitment to an improved user experience.

Share your feedback today. Click here

Quick Facts

•             Residents can share feedback via a survey comprised of 13 questions that will take approximately 5-10 minutes to complete.

•             The current website launched in 2015 and has seen an average of 15 million page views a year and an increase in users from 1.5 to 3.4 million in the same time period.

•             As part of this process, an internal stakeholder consultation will also take place allowing staff to share feedback on how the current website represents their business goals and objectives.

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  • This city should start fresh internally starting with the purging of the corrupt councillors who are currently letting this city fall apart day by day instead of wasting our time with retooling their website. The homeless are allover the place setting up tent cities everywhere, human feces, urine, fights and drug use are the new norm here. Downtown is dead and all these councillors are concerned with is building more bloody condos! House the homeless first and clean up this dirty smelly city! These councillors should be ashamed of how badly they handling this situation especially in the time of covid-19!!!

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