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Court injunction halts breakup of homeless camps

Court injunction halts breakup of homeless camps

There will be no removal of Hamilton’s homeless tent encampments, at least for now.

Today, the Superior Court of Justice granted an injunction that restrains the City of Hamilton from taking any or further steps to evict or involuntarily remove individuals from encampments.

In a statement released this afternoon the City says it “as been, and will continue to do individual outreach to engage daily and help individuals experiencing homelessness in our community so they are aware of what their options are to find shelter and/or legal housing alternatives on voluntary basis, and which is dependent on individual circumstances and the available options.”

“City staff will continue working together with homeless-serving agency partners, in compliance with the today’s injunction, to connect individuals sleeping rough with available community resources and supports as required. In an effort to maximize the choices available, the City and service/shelter providers are committed to further explore all opportunities within housing, shelters and hotel accommodations to provide greater access to individuals currently in encampments.”

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