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Heat is on Morneau to resign


Heat is on Morneau to resign

There are growing calls for the resignation of Finance Minister Bill Morneau in Ottawa. Conservative ethics critic Michael Barrett has sent a letter to the ethics commissioner asking for another probe of Finance Minister Bill Morneau after the minister revealed yesterday that WE Charity covered $41,000 in travel costs for him and his family in 2017. That would be a second investigation into Morneau in connection with the WE Charity scandal.

The ethics commissioner, Mario Dion, already has launched an investigation into Morneau’s failure to recuse himself from cabinet talks about awarding the WE Charity a multi-million-dollar contract to administer the summer student grants program. Morneau’s daughter works for WE in its travel department. Barrett said Morneau should resign joining a similar call yesterday from Tory finance critic Pierre Poilievre for Morneau’s resignation.

Barrett said it’s well known that public office holders can’t accept free travel from a third party. He said he doesn’t accept Morneau’s apology and his claim that he didn’t realize he hadn’t personally repaid WE for the travel. “Sorry doesn’t cut it,” Barrett said. “This is a continuation of a pattern with the Trudeau Liberals — there’s two sets of rules, one for the governing class and one for those they govern.”

Prime Minister Trudeau has announced that he will appear before the Commons Finance Committee to answer more questions about WE.

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