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Naked woman stopped police cold

Naked woman stopped police cold

A protester dubbed ‘Naked Athena’ confronted Portland police wearing only a face mask and beanie.

The unidentified woman struck a series of ballet and yoga poses in front of anti-riot officers at around 1.45 am on Saturday morning.

Surreal video footage from the scene shows the woman striding towards the officers, who were in heavy protective gear including gas masks and helmets, almost completely naked.

The standoff comes after the city of Portland marked its 50th consecutive night of unrest following the death of George Floyd, with crowds taking to the streets to denounce racial injustice. The Mayor of Portnad has demanded that the federal forces sent in by President Donald Trump leave the city.

Officers proceed to fire pepper balls at the woman’s feet and another protester is filmed rushing to protect her with a makeshift shield.
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