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Operation Pitstop is nailing noisy and unsafe drivers


Operation Pitstop is nailing noisy and unsafe drivers

Hamilton Police report their crackdown on loud and unsafe vehicles is having good results as this video shows,

Project PIT STOP started on Friday, July 3, 2020, and will run for three consecutive weekends, concluding on Sunday, July 19, 2020.

Hamilton Police have received numerous complaints regarding groups of individuals racing vehicles in and around the city. These vehicles have been violating several highway traffic offences causing unsafe road conditions and an overall nuisance to the general public.

Many of the vehicles are modified in various ways which can leave the vehicles in an unsafe state.

Project PIT STOP targeted the area of Queenston Road between Centennial Parkway and the Red Hill Valley Parkway in Hamilton.

After two weekends of running the project, Hamilton Police have issued 104 Provincial Offence Notices including charges for:

Stunt Driving


Improper Muffler

Obstruct Plate

Fail to Display Two Plates

Fail to Surrender Insurance Card.

There have been 33 charges laid involving more serious driving offences such as:

Drive while under suspension

Stunt Driving (wheelies, burnouts, fishtails)

Drive Motor Vehicle – No Plates

No Plates

Unsafe Vehicle

Plate not Visible

Improper Licence

Police also seized 15 vehicles as a result of the above charges as well as laid 9 criminal charges in relation to follow up investigations.

The fastest recorded speed on Queenston Road was on July 3, 2020, where the vehicle was travelling 115km/h in a 50 km/h zone. The driver was charged with Stunting and his vehicle impounded along with a driver’s licence suspension for 7-days.

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