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City delivers mountain of documents to RHVP Judicial Inquiry


City delivers mountain of documents to RHVP Judicial Inquiry

In a possible case of information overload,  the City submitted more than 55,500 documents to the Commissioner for the Red Hill Valley Parkway (RHVP) Judicial Inquiry. 

Last year, the City began collecting and compiling documents for the Judicial Inquiry. More than three million documents were collected from network drives, hardcopies, document management systems and the mailboxes of over one hundred current and former City employees. The City’s legal team has now submitted more than 55,500 documents relevant to the Commissioner’s request for information. The City will continue to work with the Commissioner and his counsel to disclose any additional documents that may be relevant to the work of the Inquiry.

The City is the first participant to submit all relevant documents in its possession to the Commissioner and expects the other participants to follow suit over the coming weeks. Once the Commissioner receives the relevant documents from the other Inquiry participants, Commission Counsel will begin the process of interviewing witnesses. Ultimately, the Inquiry will result in a hearing and a report from the Commissioner containing his conclusions and recommendations with respect to the issues in the Terms of Reference. 

While the COVID-19 pandemic means that the Inquiry will likely be different than we had originally anticipated, the City has met the challenge of providing all relevant documents while most staff are working remotely. The City is looking forward to participating in interviews and hearings and learning about the Commissioner’s recommendations at the conclusion of the Inquiry.

City Council is committed to improving transparency and accountability in Hamilton, which is one of the leading reasons Council chose the option of a Judicial Inquiry to investigate the RHVP matter.

For more information about the Judicial Inquiry and to learn how the public can participate, visit

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