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Trump must hand over tax records


Trump must hand over tax records

The US Supreme Court has ruled that the Manhattan District Attorney can access Donald Trump’s financial records, but not congress. That means the information contained in Trump’s financials will not be made public before the November election.

The court rejected the US House’s attempt to get a look at Trump taxes, which would have ensured they would have leaked publicly and, even in the case of the New York grand jury, the court remanded it back to a lower court — meaning that Trump isn’t giving his financial records to anyone just yet.These twin rulings avoid an election doomsday scenario for Trump: The public release of a detailed look at his financial history before he faces voters for a second time. Trump is — and will remain — the lone major party presidential candidate (or president) to release zero past tax returns.

The bad news for Trump is that the Manhattan D.A. wanted the records in order to track possible illegal payments to various women to keep them quiet about affairs they had with Trump. Some of those payment could lead to criminal charges.

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