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New Biosolid facility ready


New Biosolid facility ready

The City of Hamilton and Infrastructure Canada announce the substantial completion of the Biosolid Management Project, offering a long-term, sustainable solution to biosolid management at the Woodward Wastewater Treatment Plant.

For the next thirty years, the newly installed thermal drying system will use a thermal drying system which takes the nutrient-rich organic materials that result from the wastewater treatment process and turn them into pellets to be sold for fertilizer or fuel.

The public-private-partnership was supported through funding from Infrastructure Canada under the P3 Canada Fund, and the construction and continued maintenance of the new facility will be led by Harbour City Solutions.

Quick Facts:

•             In 2005, the City of Hamilton undertook a Biosolids Master Plan to address the challenges associated with the existing practice of biosolid management at the Woodward Wastewater Treatment Plant.

•             Biosolids are nutrient-rich organic materials resulting from the treatment of sewage in a wastewater treatment plant.

•             The City of Hamilton produces about 43,000 wet tonnes of biosolids per year.

•             When treated and processed, biosolids can be recycled and used as fertilizer to maintain or improve soil conditions and promote plant growth.

•             The new facility will use the biosolids to produce a product, which will be sold as a slow release organic fertilizer, or to coal burning industrial facilities as a renewable fuel replacement.

•             The new technology involves heating the biosolids in a large dryer drum and selling the resulting dried product.

•             The project allows the City to transfer risk in processing and marketing of biosolids in the most efficient manner, providing fixed known cost over a 30-year period that was validated through a predetermined affordability threshold

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