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Photo Radar and double speeding fines coming to a neighbourhood near you


Photo Radar and double speeding fines coming to a neighbourhood near you

The City of Hamilton will soon be deploying photo radar on a rotating basis to a number of speeding hot spots in the city in order to crack down on road racing in the city. At the same time a number of neighbourhoods will be designated a Community Safety Zones, which will allow the city to double the fines that would normally apply for speeding on residential streets.

The photo radar will only be will be applied to minor collector and local streets within residential neighbourhoods The system will not be used on the city’s main arterial roadways. The staff report reads, “While similar traffic related issues may exist on arterial roadways, the primary function of an arterial road is to move traffic efficiently to reduce the amount of traffic and speeds on lower classification streets. Therefore, traffic calming measures that may be appropriate for use on non-arterial roadways would not be suitable for use on arterial roadways.”

Two portable photo radar units will be deployed on a dozen roadways on a rotating basis for a period of four weeks at each location. The schedule of locations follows:

Staff undertook a study to evaluate the neighborhoods most in need of Community Safety Zone designation and came up with the following shortlist.

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