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McMaster Student Union calls for dismissal of Campus Police Chief


McMaster Student Union calls for dismissal of Campus Police Chief

Reflecting growing anti-police sentiment across North America,  McMaster University’s Students Union (MSU) wants to see Campus police chief Glenn DeCaire dismissed and the campus security force disbanded. The resolution also calls for the University to end its working relationships with both Hamilton and Halton police.

The MSU motion also calls for disbanding the McMaster Campus security force

More than 400 McMaster students emailed the MSU within the past month to call for the removal De Caire, and nearly 6,000 have signed a petition to fire the former police chief and dissolve the constable unit.

DeCaire assumed the role in 2016, after a stormy term as Hamilton Police Chief. He took the $169,000 McMaster job while he was negotiating a contract extension with the Hamilton Police Services Board. From the beginning the MSU opposed his appointment, voting unanimously to ask for his removal two months after DeCaire was hired.

The resolution also called for a study into how best to handle security on campus.

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  • “after a stormy term as Hamilton Police Chief.”?!? Stormy as in cleaning up the corruption, hiring more visible minorities and reducing expenditures?

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