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Bollywood star ripped for hypocrisy on racism


Bollywood star ripped for hypocrisy on racism

A Bollywood actress who posted messages of support for the Black Lives Matter movement  was ripped on social media for promoting skin-whitening creams.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas, 37, was called out by people after her husband Nick Jonas Tweeted a joint statement of support for Black Lives Matter.

Her husband’s Tweet read: ‘Pri & I have heavy hearts … The reality of the inequalities in this country, and around the world, are glaring. Systemic racism, bigotry and exclusion has gone on for far too long, and remaining silent not only reinforces it, but it allows it to continue.’

The Tweet also pointed out that the couple had donated to the Equal Justice Initiative and the ACLU in their ‘first steps’ to combat racism.

But the actress was called out by people on social media because she was paid to endorse skin whitening creams. She appears in an ad where three different versions of  her face are shown—each becoming successively lighter.

Other Bollywood stars have also reportedly come under criticism though such as Disha Patani and Sonam Kapoor for allegedly speaking in support of the movement despite promoting skin whitening creams. Actor Abhay Deol joined the voices speaking against his colleagues and said the celebrities were failing to campaign against race issues in India.

He said: ‘Fairness creams in India have evolved over the years, from being fairness creams to now using euphemisms like “skin brightening/ whitening”, or “lightening creams”.

‘Most brands no longer want to be associated directly with being termed as ‘fairness creams’. So now we have brands selling “HD glow”, “White beauty”, “white glow”, “fine fairness”, and so on.’

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