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Horwath calls for COVID-19 relief for ethnic and community media


Horwath calls for COVID-19 relief for ethnic and community media

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath has called on the government to help ethnic and community media survive the COVID-19 pandemic by creating an ethnic and community media stabilization fund and allocating provincial government advertising dollars to these outlets.

“Ethnic and community media are doing their part to provide crucial information to communities across Ontario. Now, more than ever, getting true and accurate information to people is critical,” said Horwath. “We need our ethnic and community media partners to survive this pandemic and the Ontario government should step up to assist.”

Organizations like the National Ethnic Press and Media Council of Canada and the Canadian Punjabi Broadcasters Association have raised the alarm that without support from the Ontario government, many of their outlets will struggle to survive.

“It would be a huge loss to communities across Ontario if ethnic and community media do not receive the support they need to continue serving the public and sharing vital information during the pandemic. The provincial government can solve this problem by creating a stabilization fund and designating advertising dollars for ethnic and community outlets.”

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