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$1.2 Million needed for repairs at Tim Hortons Field

$1.2 Million needed for repairs at Tim Hortons Field

A staff report is recommending the deferral of a number of scheduled capital projects in order to free up $1.2 Million to replace the perimeter end guards that surround the upper bowl of the east and the west stands, along with the north and south upper-lower end guards of Tim Hortons Field. Staff inspected the guards earlier this year the reports “resulted in additional safety concerns being highlighted due to both installations, deterioration and weather, and are considered latent defects. “In June 2016, a 150-pound speaker had fallen 200 feet from the east side of the Stadium’s light standard. As a result of this, City staff took immediate action and undertook an extensive review/audit of all suspended and installed elements and it was through this process that the deteriorating condition of the end guards was noted. The bulk of the money will be found by deferring scheduled renewal at the city’s entertainment facilities and at Wilfrid Laurier Recreation Centre.

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  • let this be Freddy’s legacy……..LRT would make this fiasco look like a solid investment. Where are the Anchors now?

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