Just weeks ago media pundits in the U.S. engaged in mutual assurance one Donald Trump, reality TV star and real estate developer could not possibly reach the requisite GOP delegate count for a first ballot victory at the Republican convention. On a second ballot he would either lose outright, or begin the slide to footnote of electoral history.
The footnote may yet happen, but the GOP convention is Trump’s to claim and with it the Republican nomination for President of the United States.
Many of the same voices who had Trump stumbling into political oblivion before Cleveland are now predicting the GOP nominee will be thrashed by Hillary Clinton representing the Democratic Party’s interests, or if for some reason, like a deeper mess concerning Clinton’s use of a private server for her email while Secretary of State, by Dem standby, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.
At this writing the Senator has not conceded to the former Secretary and is at the very least providing Donald Trump with daily fodder for his incessant twitter assault on Clinton. Or, as Trump has dubbed her, “crooked Hillary.”

The most recent in a line of such descriptors. From Little Marco to Lyin’ Ted, colour overruled substance for Donald Trump. Even his greatest supporters will have to agree substance, at least in the conventional political sense, his been largely absent.

Let’s fast forward to November and speculate Donald Trump defies the media know-it-all’s again. Trump wins the U.S. general election and by late January of next year calls the Oval Office his, following JFK, Ronald Reagan, Bush the senior and Bush the son, not to mention a different Clinton.
That, for Canadians and for the Conservative Party of Canada particularly will pose an interesting choice. How do we best relate to and work with the new president of the United States? It’s difficult to see anything but a strained relationship between a President Trump and Prime Minister Trudeau. That’s the Liberals.
The Conservatives will have the option to choose from the cadre of former Stephen Harper cabinet ministers, or the non-establishment, entrepreneur and reality TV star Kevin O’Leary to lead them into 2019 federal Tango with Trudeau (woops….that’s almost Trumpian).

Not to dismiss ready and politically tested talent like Lisa Raitt, Jason Kenney, Peter MacKay and Maxime Bernier, a Kevin O’Leary as Prime Minister of Canada during the presence of a Trump administration in the White House may ultimately make sense to the CPC and voters.

I’m not relegating Mr. O’Leary to the rank of second fiddle of opportunity. My conversations with him have left the distinct impression O’Leary is a serious man worthy of serious consideration.
Would Kevin O’Leary defeat Justin Trudeau in 2019? With or without Donald Trump in the White House?

Without Trump, quite possibly. With Trump, quite probably.

However, I too am a media opiner…..and you know how well that’s worked generally so far.

Written by: Roy Green

Providing a fresh perspective for Hamilton and Burlington

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