I love the month of November with its cooler weather slowly edging toward crisp winter mornings. The sidewalks and streets are usually still free of snow and slush, which means the best of outwear and footwear can be worn without fear of salt stains and mud. This all being said, it’s around this time of year that many of us are making our winter vacation escape plans.

With that in mind, I thought it would be worth reviewing some helpful tips for when it comes time to pack for your winter holiday. The first tip applies to any kind of travel destination: pack light by packing smart… and soft. By “soft”, we are referring to garments boasting this season’s soft pastel shades, such as pink, light blue and mint green. Work these lovely hues in with short skirts, slim pants and depending on your travel plans, with a sumptuous coat.

Speaking of coats, you’ll find a range of options already in store. This season’s puffy ski jackets feature ultra-feminine detailing including peplums and playful fur collars. For a night out after the slopes, consider a bomber jacket that can be worn with a pencil skirt or combined with a more casual weekend t-shirt and skinny jeans. Designer collections this season also feature textured leggings reminiscent of antique leather. Pair them with bright-colour mixed sweaters when cuddling up with a hot toddy by the fireplace, or conversely, with a lightweight sleeveless blouse while waiting for a tropical evening cocktail at a Caribbean resort.

If you are planning a trip south, now’s also a great time to peruse what retailers refer to as “resort-wear”. Resort runway fashions this season are all about the colour pink, and as such are seen featuring this feminine colour in everything from leather to ruffled gowns. You will also find colourful geometric prints in unique scuba textiles that are equally suitable on the beach and when paired with leggings for an après ski soirée.


Perhaps most importantly, don’t forget to pack something with sparkle. Current trends include mixing the classic with eclectic and the functional with fun. Some on-trend pieces include floral necklaces, statement bracelets, singular earrings and scarf necklaces. For a tropical destination, keep the look bright and bold by choosing items with vibrant colours and designs that include feathers and florals. For the après ski scene, consider a look predominant in silver or tri-colour metals with over-sized beads.

Scarves are also a standout item this season with plenty of styles and fabrics to choose from. Whether you wear for warmth or fashion, your local style expert can demonstrate the multitude of ways and in what settings these scarves can be worn.

Regardless of your travel plans, your local fashion retailer will likely be stocking items for either cold or hot climate destinations, so be sure to stop by. Not to mention, that by maintaining a relationship with your local style expert, you will gain a reliable go-to-gal for getting the best advice on what to pack. She not only will know what is in your wardrobe already, but also will be able to offer advice that is tailored to you and your specific travel style. Don’t be surprised though if she asks to tag along on your next trip!

Mark Gould

Providing a Fresh Perspective for Burlington and Hamilton.

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