As Android and iOS continue to fight for the number one spot in the mobile market, Windows Phone finally seems to be taking off on a positive note.

Windows Mobile OS saw an astounding 52 percent growth compared to the last financial year. The statistics demonstrate Microsoft’s mobile OS is the fastest growing OS in the US. With its 4.1 percent market share, clearly behind Android and iOS, they have seen a steady rise of 1.4 percent from last year. This is encouraging news, considering Android grabbed most of iOS’ market share.

Microsoft released information that Windows Phones have been outselling iPhones in India, Poland, Argentina, Russia, South Africa, and Ukraine. Windows Phone has also been labeled to be a hot seller in countries classified as “rest of central and eastern Europe.”

Windows Phone is on a sharp rise in adoption in Italy, 13.1 percent of the smartphone sales are running Microsoft OS, with Android holding 57.1 percent and iOS with 23.1 percent. It looks like Microsoft is prepared to win the race, considering the imminent launch of more Nokia Lumia phones released in the country. As the competitors lack new products there.

Of course, we will have to wait for Q2 numbers and beyond to confirm the Windows Phone success, but the latest figures look well for Microsoft.

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