Red Dress Productions and Fire Service Women Ontario present Where There is Smoke, an interactive, audio installation featuring women firefighters’ stories of standout and workaday moments from the community and the fire hall; a multi-dimensional portrait of career and volunteer firefighters with a diverse range of experiences and perspectives on camaraderie, fire science, training, and being one (or a few) amongst many. The installation will be take place at Hamilton’s historic Workers Arts and Heritage Centre on June 16 from 4:00 to 6:00PM, preceded by remarks from representatives of the participating organizations.

The installation follows a series of arts-based workshops and interviews in Toronto, Hamilton, and throughout Southern Ontario with over thirty women firefighters, ranging in experience from one to 25 years of experience. Through conversation, storytelling, and creative writing practices, these firefighters have shared stories and reflections as part of the Women Firefighters Narrative Visibility Project.

The project has been made possible through the generous support of the Toronto Professional Fire Fighters’ Association, the Workers Arts and Heritage Centre, Toronto Arts Council, and the Ontario Arts Council.

For more information, or to arrange an interview or press coverage of the event, please contact Aidan Morishita-Miki at Red Dress Productions at, or

Red Dress Productions is an arts organization that works with/in communities to create interdisciplinary art, performance, and visual public artworks. Red Dress Productions artists for this project: Anna Camilleri, Tristan R Whiston, Wy Joung Kou, and Aidan Morishita-Miki.

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