As the weather becomes warmer, people move outside to become more active. “Weekend warriors” begin to emerge as they focus on getting involved in sports and training. Along with this activity will come injuries. One of the most common injuries for “weekend warriors” involves some type of strain, sprain or overexertion.

Muscle cramps can arise at any time for an athlete, regardless of age and skill level. A guaifenesin and magnesium chloride topical cream is excellent for this. Besides warming up, using proper techniques and adequate healing time, it is also important to pay attention to your body’s nutritional needs as I will explain. For the year-round athletes, who may be eating right and workout consistently, can suffer from overtraining. Endurance exercise and overtraining can lead to cardiometobolic risk. When people train/workout, their cortisol levels increase therefore causing stress. When cortisol goes up the mineral demands in the body also increase.

For example when cortisol increases there is a loss of magnesium (a mineral involved in hundreds of chemical reactions in the body and is required by every cell). Those on PPI (Proton-pump inhibitors) medications for stomach acid reduction are being depleted of Mg and Calcium which leads to bone loss. Increases in cortisol also decreases testosterone and growth hormone. Men suffer from bone loss due to decreased testosterone; women have bone loss due to increased cortisol. CoQ10 is needed to make energy within your cells for metabolism and improve your body’s ability to recognized inflammation and oxidative stress.

generation ucanThe cholesterol lowering drugs known as the “statins” decrease your CoQ10 levels. If you are on a statin, depending on the dose, you should be on 100 to 300mg per day of a CoQ10 supplement. For those athletes who are year-round warriors optimal recovery is key. If your workout is 1 hour long, taking 1 hour prior to working out a combination of Vitamin C 2000mg, CoQ10 100mg, Magnesium Glycinate 10mg/kg (elemental), B complex and a carbohydrate sport drink to stabilizes blood sugar. Generation UCAN is an excellent product. It’s a complex carbohydrate (derived from non- GMO corn) and gluten free.

For post workout, you need creatine and branch chain amino acids along with a protein shake. This is important to take now because it is when the muscles are especially receptive to nutrients and also blood flow to the exercised muscles is high. If your workout is 2-3 hours in length then take 1 hour prior , Vit C 3000mg, CoQ10 300mg, Mg Glycinate 10mg/kg(elemental), 2 Vit B complex.

Post recovery therapy is the same as the hour long workout. So whether you are the weekend warrior or a year-round athlete, keeping your body’s nutritional demands in check along with having fun and obtaining personal satisfaction from exercise will allow your body to work optimally, prevent injury and keep you strong and healthy. Happy Spring everyone!

Article by Maria Musitano B.Sc. Pharm Aim Clinic Pharmacy

Providing a Fresh Perspective for Burlington and Hamilton.

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