With twenty-fourteen still fresh off the rack, it’s the perfect time to reassess your entire wardrobe with an eye to your current lifestyle. Does your closet reflect your actual day-to-day life juggling work and home or a fantasy life in which you’re jet setting from New York fashion shows to evenings at the Toronto opera? Perhaps your dresser drawers are packed with clothes fitting a bygone you; a “soccer mom” whose children have long since left the game.

It reminds me of a quote I read recently by stylist Lani Inlander:

 “Can changing your wardrobe really change your life? Of course it can! Imagine how light and powerful you would feel if 100% of the clothes in your closet were the right clothes for you right now. Imagine that your wardrobe reflected both your personality and your personal style, while suiting your lifestyle.”

It may be an eye-opening task, but by re-evaluating your current lifestyle and adjusting your wardrobe accordingly, you have the potential to gain a whole new lease on life. It can be a liberating experience to let go of those outfits and pieces that no longer suit the “you” that you’ve become.

This exercise is also about looking ahead to where you are going with your life in terms of trips, business and family responsibilities. Don’t be afraid to throw fashion caution to the wind as you toss out the old and bring in new pieces that represent the new “you” in 2014. As you do, keep in mind one crucial element: proper fit.

We are all guilty at one time or another of wearing poorly fitting clothes. Sometimes it’s because our shape or weight has changed subtly season to season, but enough that last year’s “fit like a glove” is now this year’s “tight at the waist”. You may also have garments that never quite made it to the tailor for alterations in the first place. Here’s your opportunity to look your absolute best by ensuring all of your upcoming spring outfits fit precisely.

Keep in mind, this doesn’t necessarily mean simply going on a shopping spree. Although a number of items you will purchase likely won’t require alterations, many fashion designers expect that their pieces will be altered after purchase to best complement the wearer’s unique shape.

Your local retailer may not employ tailors on site, however every good style expert should be able to direct you to their seamstress of choice. By coordinating the alterations at time of purchase, you can also be sure you don’t refill your closet with new fashions that don’t quite fit you properly “yet”.

Rest assured, having outfits that fit you perfectly can be achieved, and the result will have you feeling confident and stylish every day of the year.

By: Mark Gould

Mark Gould is the president of Milli – a fashion boutique in business in Hamilton since 1964 and in Yorkville since 2004.

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