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Hans ZurielHans Zuriel Headshot

I am a Hamiltonian who have been active in the community I have been working tirelessly in Ward 7 to make it a better place to live.

As Councillor, here are a few of my main objectives:

  • Making property taxes more affordable: Hamilton residents pay one of the highest tax rates in Ontario.
  • Increasing service levels: Ward 7 residents expect service levels which reflect their property taxes.
  • Reinvent Hamilton’s economic prosperity: facilitate Hamilton’s economic diversification and modernization. Please find out more about me in my website at


8d90ed95-3a16-4ced-a242-c26385794bf9Doug Farraway

Thanks for this opportunity, Bay Observer.

Why am I running to represent Ward 7? Simply, I want to continue my legacy of work in Hamilton, my home town.

The son of a 30-year veteran with the Hamilton Police Service, I was born at Henderson General and grew up on Hamilton Mountain. My wife Debbie Morin-Farraway, a retired employee of U.S. Steel (Stelco), and I continue to live on Hamilton Mountain.

Debbie and I were the organizers of three successive and successful, Terry Fox Marathon of Hope events on Hamilton Mountain. In addition, I’ve coached minor hockey at Chedoke Arena, Hamilton Hawks Women’s Hockey at Inch Park, and Mount Hamilton soccer all across the mountain.

For the past three years, I was Director of Development for Neighbour to Neighbour Centre (N2N), raising funds and awareness about the organization. I also introduced to the mountain the ‘Coldest Night of the Year’ walk to help raise awareness about homeless issues, while raising tens of thousands of dollars for N2N.

Prior to N2N, I was a broadcaster for 36 years. I started as an intern at Hamilton’s CKOC and became News Director and host of ’90 Minutes Live from Hamilton while there. I also spent time as sports director at the FAN 590 in Toronto, and, as the ‘Deacon,’ doing a late-night talk show, I took every opportunity to challenge anyone who spoke ill of Hamilton. I’ve also volunteered at Cable 14, Hamilton’s community television station, as host of Council Edition, interviewing city councillors every week, and as a commentator for Cable 14 coverage of municipal, provincial, and federal elections.

Whether working in Toronto or Hamilton, my heart and my efforts to help others have always been in ‘The Hammer.’

To that end, my hopes for Ward 7 include:

SAFER COMMUNITIES by improving safety measures for pedestrians and bicyclists & by increasing red-light cameras in high-traffic/high-accident zones

BETTER ROADWAYS to accommodate future business and population needs on the south mountain we need to consider all options that will be presented in the Master Transportation Plan.

BETTER PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION by expanding LRT to The Mountain as quickly as possible and by providing more buses and routes in the meantime

MORE JOBS by building the commercial/industrial base, attracting new business & helping existing businesses like the Agri-business

BETTER COMMUNICATIONS with constituents by hosting monthly community meetings

Thank you,

Doug Farraway



chartersBob Charters

I am running to provide the best service to the residents of the central mountain, where I’ve worked for over 30 years. This area has been underrepresented since amalgamation and the current council will be responsible to act on this issue this term. I am uniquely qualified to serve the residents of Ward 7, with extensive experience from 3 terms on city council, representing Hamilton Mountain. I know the importance of getting the most out of every dollar and demonstrated my leadership by guiding the finance committees of both the Region and City. Throughout my time in public office and through my volunteer service, I have been committed to getting the most for Hamilton – as the chief negotiator in securing the transfer of the port lands along the Hamilton Waterfront to city ownership; and through my continuing work on renewing and redeveloping Hamilton’s waterfront, serving as a volunteer on the Board of the Waterfront Trust. As a public representative, I’ve gained a reputation of fairness and moderation. My work in the community has provided me with wide-ranging experience, having served on the Boards of the Hamilton Civic Hospitals, Niagara Escarpment Commission, Hamilton Region Conservation Authority Board, DARTS, Habitat for Humanity and Hamilton Non-Profit Housing. I work to make Hamilton better for street youth through being involved with Living Rock (Soupfest) as Board Chairman. I look forward to using this experience to serve the residents of Ward 7.


John-Paul Danko Ward 7 Hamilton Central Mountain 2015 Byelection

John-Paul Danko Ward 7 Hamilton Central Mountain 2015 Byelection

John-Paul Danko

We need a common sense, practical voice to represent Ward 7 at City Council. I am running because I believe that I can serve my community by leveraging my engineering skills and business experience.

As a structural engineer and small business owner, I am the only candidate that has real world experience in industry and business. Public infrastructure is the foundation of our City and if elected I would be the only engineer on Council as we tackle Hamilton’s $3.3 billion dollar infrastructure deficit. My primary goal is to reduce Hamilton’s municipal tax burden by advocating for a much more strategic approach to the investment of valuable tax dollars, focusing on needs instead of wants.

I am an independent candidate not affiliated with any political party or special interest group. Too often we see decisions made based on the suburban-urban divide or along existing political affiliations. Ward 7 needs a Councillor who will represent all residents, not just Conservative, Liberal, or NDP supporters.

Finally, I am personally invested in Ward 7 because I live here with my wife and children. Sadie is 9 and Isaac is 7. My wife Dawn Danko is the current Ward 7 Public School Trustee.


starrDamin Starr

My decision to put my name forward is representative of my capacity to contribute in a balanced and sincere way for the betterment of others and our surroundings.

While applying a ‘healthy community approach’ to overcoming traditional issues surrounding the development and delivery of quality ‘municipal services’, I commit to continuing efforts in facing citywide challenges such as ‘affordability’, ‘tax-base imbalance’, ‘a rising infrastructure deficit’, and ‘inadequate mobility options’.

Complimenting my 20+ years experience in manufacturing, the trades and environmental control, I sit on the Arcelor – Mittal Dofasco CLC, Woodward Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades CLC, HIEA CAP, and I am active in many resident led initiatives.

Reflecting on my civic involvement dating back to the Citizen’s Expressway Committee in preparation for the construction of the Red Hill Valley Parkway (RHVP), to my current engagement in the areas of social advocacy (inclusiveness & accessibility for the disabled), electoral reform (municipal, provincial, and federal), multi-modality (mobility options & integration), and community development (all of which, I have provided delegation and facilitated discussion on) … I confidently offer my abilities to effectively represent the residents of Ward 7, delivering a balanced approach to social and fiscal responsibilities as an elected councillor at City Hall. I invite your readers to visit to find out more.


Damin Starr Candidate for council representing Central Mountain – Ward 7


Geraldine McMullen Head ShotGeraldine McMullen

Thank you for the opportunity to send a few sentences. I have attached a photo as requested. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

“For more than two decades I have served Ward 7 constituents in my positions as a financial consultant for a local credit union and a large banking institution; I currently work for the Legislative Assembly of Ontario doing community outreach in the Hamilton region. I continue to serve Hamilton on multiple public boards and organizations that help shape our neighbourhoods. I hope to accomplish excellence in citizen engagement with the determination to advance the needs of Ward 7. I believe I have the requisite community and life experience as I stand for fairness in all matters and equality above all.”


e3561d41-3ee6-4c99-8165-6362d51e906fHoward Rabb

Why I’m Running

During my time at City Hall I saw some great things. I saw people working hard every day to help the residents of this city. I also saw a great many opportunities for improvement: Business processes that were costly and outdated. Technology implementations that cost the tax payers of this city unnecessary cost when newer, less expensive and more effective solutions exist. I saw a budget process that was more of a rubber stamp than a substantive debate, and I want to help change that.

The people of ward 7 have the opportunity to send a Councillor to City Hall with a proven business background. To send someone to Council that can read a balance sheet and knows what its like to struggle to make payroll. We need someone who can ask the tough questions and make the improvements to the City that we need to modernize and become more efficient. I believe I am the person best suited to do just that.


gordonTim Gordon

I’m deeply passionate about our city and especially Ward 7, the place I live and run a business; I’m a social worker with an independent practice. As a social worker, I’m highly aware of issues relating to poverty, marginalization, the vulnerability of seniors, and mental health problems in our city. My plan is to start a community council where residents of Ward 7 can feel engaged in the decisions that are made which impact our community. Furthermore, with a community council, we will address infrastructure problems from lead pipes, deteriorating roads, low water pressure, and traffic congestion. I will advocate for our most vulnerable members of our city including issues of poverty, people with mental health related problems, and seniors. I will prioritize enhanced mobility services and look closely at how Ward 7 can maximize our public transit to better serve residents in moving around Hamilton.

Thanks for the opportunity to send this your way John,

Tim Gordon.

75487ca4-1b44-41e9-a4bf-03370d274a2eDonna Skelly

I’m passionate about Hamilton, the great future ahead of this city, and determined to help people – especially those who are frustrated because they feel no one is listening and they need a voice.

I was President of Communications, Energy & Paperworkers Union Local 1100 at CHCH-TV and I’m proud to have championed the cause of Hamilton’s parents of adult children with developmental disabilities and to have achieved results for them. This is the kind of advocate for the people of Ward 7 that I hope to be as your Councillor.

7 Goals for Ward 7:

  • Enhance infrastructure
  • Expand seniors services
  • Address affordable housing
  • Create jobs
  • Improve transportation routes
  • Promote arts and culture
  • Get things done!

Campaign Contact Info:

Campaign Office Phone: 905-318-9999


nichollAnthony Nicholl

Anthony Nicholl is a resident of Hamilton ward 7 whose motivation and drive is exceptional.  Any issue big or small, Anthony is determined to accommodate the needs of the community.

He is here to listen.  He is here to act on your behalf.  He is here to get things Done!  Anthony’s goal is to ensure his community continues to grow and thrive as an integral part of Hamilton.  He is dedicated to collaborating with community organizations, local development projects, sports and recreational groups,  and schools.  Anthony is ready to hear your concerns and have your voice heard in council.

Anthony is a loving husband and father of three; Edward who is 4 years old, 2 year old Michael and baby Emily.  He enjoys taking his children to the park and recreation classes.

With over 15 years experience in the telecommunications industry, Anthony has a strong background in business and technology which he continues to apply throughout his career.

Anthony Nicholl looks forward to helping and collaborating with you!

cd23ebe8-7a63-4492-95f0-09d31fe9e03e (1)MOHAMMAD SHAHROURI

I am 46 years old,  I graduated from McMaster University , faculty of engineering, worked at Richard’s Wilcox customs system, Engineering department. 

I live in Ward 7 and share the same concerns and problems people are facing on a daily bases. I am an independent candidate, I refuse to be influenced by any political party. My top election issues are poverty, affordable housing , transportation , Road safety, budget deficit, I will vote against property tax increase. I have fresh creative ideas to encourage investment and creating local jobs. I will team up with every body in the city and city hall to find affordable solutions for the city problems. I will consult with people and use open door policy to enable me reflecting People interests and concerns in the city hall and vote accordingly.

I have the ability, experience, education and the courage to make the changes we all need in our city.


acb5a0ea-798c-4e56-90f1-760bbf8a0a57Glenn Murphy

I am proud to call Ward 7 my home. For 52 years I have lived in this community. I attended St. Michael

Catholic Elementary School, St. Thomas More Catholic Secondary School and obtained my Radio

Broadcasting Diploma at Mohawk College. As Vice President of the Student Council, I worked together

with Ti-Cat alumnus Dick Wesolowski to design the Arnold Centre at Mohawk College. I currently work in

the Engineering Operations Department for 900 CHML/Y108 FM/Fresh Radio 95.3 and own Murf Music.

After caring for my ailing parents, who have since passed away, I purchased the family home in Ward 7.

I decided to run for councillor as Ward 7 needs someone that will be committed to the job. As an

independent with no political association my only agenda is to meet the needs of my constituents. I will

be accessible, listen and take action.

My major goals are to improve services for seniors, job creation and retention, address the issue of

rising property taxes, ensure that our schools are updated and improved upon – not shut down and add

public transportation express bus routes. As a passionate Hamiltonian I want to see this city continue to

grow and thrive. I will not hold back. I will step up to the plate when others will not. I will take a stand on

the issues that matter to Ward 7 constituents.

I am here to serve you. Please contact me to discuss ideas or concerns you have pertaining to Ward 7. I

will bring them forward to Hamilton City Council for discussion and resolution.

Glenn Murphy 905-975-1790 or e-mail


UzmaUzma Qureshi

I bring a number of proven skills to the table. One skill for which I’m pretty well known is my ability to work with people to reach consensus. Collaboration is a strength, not a weakness. I have many supporters throughout Ward 7, while some of them are high profile, it is due to the many progressive projects I have worked on as the communications coordinator for the Hamilton YWCA.  By working together on Council and within the Ward, we can achieve great things for our constituents. That’s not pie in the sky. That’s a fact.


Providing a fresh perspective for Hamilton and Burlington

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