Hamilton police confirmed they had made arrests in connection with two drug related stabbings at the City Housing complex at Hess and Jackson streets over the weekend. Meanwhile residents of the buildings are threatening to picket City Hall and City Housing to get crack dealers and other criminals removed from the apartment complex. Peter Llewellyn who lives in one of the buildings has become a spokesperson for the tenants. He has expressed concerns about the composition of a committee that City Housing plans to establish to deal with safety and security. The following correspondence between McHattie and Llewellyn provides a glimpse into the tensions that exist with residents.

Brian McHattie, Ward 1 Councillor and President of Hamilton Housing

Coun. McHattie to Peter Llewellyn

Hi Peter, 

It appears that there has been a misunderstanding about the membership of the Safety and Security Task Force. We hadn’t realised that Graham Cubitt had been identified by the Durand Neighbourhood Association as their representative (as you may know Graham works for another housing provider and we had thought a formal role for him on the Committee wearing that hat was inappropriate and he had agreed). So Graham is on the Committee as the DNA rep.


I see that you have resigned and are planning a picket before we have a chance to meet. I’ve found in my activist career that it is better to give a committee process a little bit of time to work before taking these sorts of actions, but again I certainly respect your decision, Peter. We’ll miss you and your experience on the Committee. 



Brian McHattie, Councillor
Ward 1, Chedoke-Cootes
City of Hamilton

Peter Llewellyn to Coun. McHattie

You Sir are a pompous ass. If you had read my e-mail thoroughly you would have seen the qualifier where I stated that I would resign if your Committee wasn’t being inclusive. You are not going to control how this turns out. We, the Tenants will not allow it. We need ideas, not decrees from on high your Lordship. While we’re speaking of being inclusive I feel I must question your participation at this late stage. Its under your watch as President of the CityHousing Board of Directors that this complex has degenerated into such a cesspool of Crime. You’ve had eight years of a Leadership role that I’m aware of and you knew what was occurring here yet you & your Board purposely did nothing. And no , I will not honor your request to keep these communications from the Media. We need them to help us drag you & yours kicking & screaming out into the Light of day. It is the general opinion of the CityHousing tenants here in this complex that you & yours are indifferent at best and outright Biased at worst when it comes to our quality of life here. See you on Wednesday your Grace. p.s. we are going to improve the living conditions here with you or without you Sirrah. Get onboard with us or get out of our way.


Peter Llewellyn.

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